Meet the Maker

Yvette Clark

Raised along the West Coast in Oregon, Washington and California, I grew up surrounded by never-ending forests, invigorating coast lines and nutrient-rich valleys. These areas - teeming with wildlife - have always calmed my soul and inspired me to create. I studied graphic design at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA soon realizing that I needed to make tangible creations instead of digital work.

Lather + Stone was a concept that started in early 2019. My work merges natural elements - clay and plant material - to create natural soap and functional stoneware. Inspiration is drawn from all growing things, natural medicine, hikes in the woods and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. I use the cold process technique to make the natural soap bars. Most of the materials I use are sourced locally, usually foraging for the herbs I use or growing them in my garden. My stoneware is made using the hand building technique, high fire clay and glazes.

My goal is to create simple, high quality functional work that is eco-friendly, using responsibly source materials that are inspired by the primitive structures in nature. I enjoy making things for people that connect them back to nature.


Tips + Tidbits

Want to make your soap last longer? Try storing it on a soap dish with drainage, in a dry place, out of a stream of water. This will allow the soap to dry properly between uses.

All ceramics* are oven safe, microwave friendly and can be washed in the dishwasher.

*Pottery with metallic luster (gold leaf) are the exception and should be hand washed to preserve the metallic finish. Do not use pieces with metallic elements in the microwave or oven.

All pieces are produced by hand, in small batches and may have slight variations in visual elements.